John Goodway Evangelist




My name is John Goodway, and in January 2004 I became a full-time

Evangelist with Home Evangelism (now Outreach U.K) after serving on the voluntary Home Evangelist Associate Team (H.E.A.T) for two years.

I am now retired, but continue as a volunteer evangelist with Outreach U.K.


In my former days I have been a Head Gardener, Managed a News Agents, Owned a milk Franchise with Unigate and spent 13 years in and around Brighton as a professional Disc Jockey (not necessarily in that order).


In 1990 I lost my wife to cancer, and this pulled me up short, filled me with much anger and confusion. I started to seek what was important in this life of ours, but it was not until some years later a lady gave me a Good News bible, which later pointed me towards God and a Spiritual existence that I started to see the light.

In November 1996 I gave my life to Jesus and in January 1997 I was baptized. This was even more amazing considering all things religious were not permitted in my childhood years, and I was not interested at all.


God laid it on my heart to reach out to those who do not yet know Jesus for themselves, hence Outreach U.K. I feel my strengths are Preaching and Teaching, and love meeting people and finding what makes them tick.

I am now re-married to Avril who gave me the bible; we were married on the beach in Mombasa, Kenya. I love Horticulture, all kinds of Music.


John-Goodway Johnny Diamond